5 detox water recipes you should try

We all know that drinking lots of water is good for us. It not only keeps us looking and feeling healthy, but it is also a great way to lose weight! Studies have shown that increasing your water intake by 1.5 liters each day would increase daily caloric burn by about 200 calories! If that isn’t enough to get you chugging down water right away, here’s an alternative for you – fruit-infused detox waters!

What does detox water do and how does it benefit you?

Well, first of all, detox water cleanses your body of toxins and contain ingredients that provide a multitude of vitamins and nutrients which helps to improve your overall health.

Secondly, there’s no added sugar. This makes detox waters much healthier compared to other fruit juices, diet soda or sports drinks.

Thirdly – and this is for those of you who hate drinking plain water – the fruits add a natural flavouring to the water, hence encouraging you to drink more and making you stay more hydrated throughout the day. And you can eat the fruits after too 🙂


These recipes are really easy to make and contain only a few ingredients (most of which you probably already have at home). So let’s get started!

  1. Slice up the required fruits.
  2. Place fruits into a cup, bottle or pitcher and add water.
  3. Place your detox water in the fridge for at least 1 hour (or overnight) in order to make sure the vitamins have infused into the water and give it a stronger flavour.
  4. You can refill your cup/ bottle 2-3 times. However, it is recommended not to keep the fruits in the water for more than 24 hours.



This strawberry and lime combination makes the perfect summer drink. It is so refreshing and vibrant, and the colours just scream “drink me!”. What’s more, it is packed with anti-aging properties! Both strawberries and limes contain loads of antioxidants which helps to restore your hair, skin and nails!




This next recipe is great for those of you looking to lose weight and slim your belly!

Cucumber helps to flush the body of excess water and toxins, preventing water retention and making you feel less bloated. Lemon water also acts as a natural laxative to aid your digestive system. In addition, the high vitamin C content in oranges strengthens your immune system and mint adds a fresh and zingy touch to the drink!




Do you ever have problems with indigestion and gastric? If yes, then this recipe is for you.

The key ingredient here is ginger. Ginger is a superfood. Not only does it have anti-inflammatory properties, it also aids the digestive process, reduces nausea and strengthens your immune system. What’s even better is the addition of lemon AND orange. Lemons also help in aiding digestion and oranges are a great source for facilitating blood circulation – hence making this particular recipe an ultimate health booster.

So even if you don’t face issues with indigestion, this recipe has numerous benefits for you.


Tip: If you don’t like the taste of ginger, you can add some honey to mask the taste and give it a little more sweetness.




Studies have shown that green tea increases fat burning and boosts metabolism, making it a great drink for weight loss. But sometimes we crave for more than just plain ol’ green tea. So in this recipe, we jazz it up by adding some fruits, making it healthier and tastier!

Steep green tea bag into hot water for 3 minutes, then chill the tea in the fridge for 5 minutes. Add cucumber, lemon, strawberries and honey. Stir to mix in the ingredients and add some ice if desired. 🙂




Complete your workout with a super rehydrating and thirst-quenching drink! Both watermelon and cucumber are extremely high in water content (92% and 96% respectively), making them more effective at hydrating your body than regular water or sports drinks.

Watermelon also infuses quickly, so you can easily throw some into your bottle and you’re good to go!


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