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Postcards are amazing collectibles, but how about Postcards for Ants? It’s a talent turned into a daily project for Lorraine Loots, a South African artist whose art is being featured in Singapore at K+ this month. Every artwork we saw were so detailed, it was astounding. Follow us to take a peek into this exhibition!


We felt as though we were down-sizing because every artwork was tiny, like ants. Each painting we saw made the everyday items look so ‘significant’ with all the details she included in it. These are items that we will take for granted because it is ‘not important’, all of a sudden it became important and valuable again.

Lorraine Loots embarked on this project after deciding not to turn art into a career, but she never stopped creating with her passion. She turned her talent into a lifestyle and made the simplest mundane things beautiful. It’s an inspiration and also a reminder for us to not overlook the everyday. Maybe we don’t have a successful career that puts us on top, or have it all perfect where ever we are, but when we put our heart into our everyday life and pay attention to the little things, life becomes better.

It was an unusual experience compared to exhibitions with large artworks that did not require us to bend closer to have a better look. Definitely an eye opener!

So head down to her exhibition today, and be inspired to live better everyday 🙂

#ANTS in Singapore by Lorraine Loots

K+, Scotts Square #03-11

15 September – 29 October 2017 


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