3 DIY natural hair masks
We’re so excited to share 3 new recipes for our DIY beauty series. The last time we did DIY face masks and saw amazing results, so this time we’re trying out home hair remedies in hopes that it might solve some of our common hair/scalp issues. And the best part is that it comprises of ingredients we probably already have at home!   FOR DEEP CONDITIONING AND SPLIT ENDS Apart…
DIY Face Mask
We wanted to save those $$$ that we spent on our masks monthly so we tried out these homemade face masks! We were totally amazed by the instant results, best still, all the ingredients used can be found in the kitchen! Simply effortless! Oat and Yogurt Mask  Oats act as a natural exfoliant that are effective in fighting dull, flaky dryness. With yogurt giving the skin additional moisture and shrink…
Tips to Womb Care
  Every woman deserves to look and feel good, in and out. While we are usually on the lookout on our external appearance concerns, we frequently omit the hidden part that needs the same attention – womb care. Womb care doesn’t just apply to mummies or women undergoing menopause. From the first menstruation, females should start their womb care routine. Due to our lifestyle habits, the most frequent womb issue…