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Infinite x Philip Morris Candle Making Workshop


In line with the holiday spirit, Infinite organised a Christmas-themed candle making workshop for the wonderful staff of Philip Morris International. The workshop was held once again at our stylish studio at Spottiswoode Park, but instead of a table strewn with slabs of clay, this time, the aromatic scents of sake, roses and vanilla filled the room.



Before the actual candle making began, we wanted to warm up the attendees a little by engaging them in a short team-building exercise. Well, it wouldn’t be an Infinite workshop if there wasn’t a slight twist to things. So we asked the staff to jot down their favourite food, colour and pet peeve (something you find annoying) and quizzed them on their colleagues’ answers.



After the little get-to-know-your-colleague session, it was time for the candle making workshop to begin! Our seonsaengnim (“teacher” in Korean) for the day was the lovely Amy from Sally’s Room (who is actually Korean), who was there to guide the staff on how to create the scented clay ornaments and the Christmas candles.


Everyone started sniffing away at the little perfume bottles as they were choosing their scents for the ornaments. After adding the selected scent into the clay mixture, they then had to pour the solution into the moulds. Everyone had a different set of mould so they were definitely in for a surprise on what their ornaments would look like!



As the scented ornaments were set aside to dry, we moved on to making the Christmas candle. First off,  everyone got to pick out little figurines to decorate the bottom of their candle. Once that was done, a layer of clear wax was poured over and left to dry before another layer of scented wax was poured over.


The end result was gorgeous. It looked like a snow globe in the form of a candle and it was just too pretty to be used for its original purpose. We knew everyone loved their candles too as they couldn’t stop snapping away and posing with their candles. And we ended the session with a group shot at another one of Spottiswoode Park’s charming wall murals.


A special thanks to Philip Morris for having us! We hope everyone had as much fun as we did! 🙂


Friends who are reading this post and are interested to get similar workshops done at your work place or private event, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to work on a customised workshop for you. See more in the video below! 


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