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Infinite x Syngenta Ceramic Workshop

If you have read our previous post on Infinite x Syngenta Quinoa Workshop, this is the second part where the same enthusiastic bunch joined us again for a Ceramic Workshop at our stylish studio located at Spottiswoode Park. Amidst all the beautifully reserved Peranakan shophouses, I’m sure this is a great place for art creation.

After welcoming the attendees with our special homemade fruit and tea infusion water,
(If you have not read our post on how to make one, be sure to click here!) we started the session by demonstrating the necessary techniques, tools and tips while handling the clay.

*music starts*
oh…. my love…… my darling….. I’ve hungered your touch…..

I’m sure most of us have this collective consciousness of throwing clay on a wheel just like how it’s seen in the movie ‘Ghost’ except that you don’t actually need a wheel for pottery! The method we are using here is call slab building which is suitable for beginners. From a flat piece of clay, you are able to cut/joint/connect any shape to create a masterpiece. Do continue reading to see how good the result was at the end of this post!

While you might be thinking that this looks like any other ceramic class, what Infinite is really putting into focus during this session is helping the attendees realise the importance of communication.

One common problem in a office setting is that most of us assume. We assume that what we convey will be perceived in the same way as how we want it to be. But of course, different people have different ways of understanding things.


So the question is, are you being clear enough?


So, we asked the attendees to draw out – with as much detail as possible – on what they would like to make. The drawing was then passed to the person seated opposite them to create what was drawn on the paper with no communication allowed. Attendees were also encouraged to write down the emotions they had while watching the person bring their idea to life.

Not to worry, attendees eventually got back their clay to continue!

But what’s really important through this small exercise is to remind ourselves that sometimes we can become too self-absorbed, and we forget to care about the people around us. We also need to remind ourselves not to let emotions run over our mind when misunderstandings arise because communication is a two-way process.

We then ended our session with taking a victory photo at the wall mural near our studio. Three weeks later after the burning, glazing and cooling, this was our end result. Each piece was indeed unique and special.

Special thanks to Syngenta for having us once again!



Friends who are reading this post and are interested to get similar workshops done at your work place or private event, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to work on a customised workshop for you! 🙂 


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