Nylon Coffee Roasters @ Everton Park

It was a delightful Monday morning for the Infinite team, for we had our weekly meeting held outside of the office. Our meeting location is a short walking distance away from Nylon Coffee Roasters so it was only imperative that we pay a visit and try out their coffee. And also, to disregard the fact that it was a Monday and the impending amount of work that’s about to consume us.


Photo by: Nylon Coffee Roasters

Nylon Coffee Roasters started operations in 2012 with a simple goal to source, roast and brew amazing coffee.


To the owners, making great coffee wasn’t enough – they recognised the importance of the bean quality in their coffee and that led them to sourcing and roasting the beans themselves. They would travel around the world to places such as Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia and San Jose in the States just to find the best coffee beans. This way, they could not only control the whole process of coffee making but also build a direct and sustainable relationship with their coffee producers.


We have so much respect for them following their passion and becoming so involved in the coffee making process. Their efforts have certainly not gone to waste because of just how great their coffee is.


I personally love my coffee with milk so naturally I got the 5oz white. The strength of the coffee was just right, perfectly balanced with the right amount of milk. It was very creamy, not too intense and there was no sour aftertaste at all. It was the kind of cup that I could drink really quickly even though I wanted to savour every mouthful. I would’ve been even more satisfied with a larger cup in this exact proportion. 😀


Dr Nik got the iced filtered coffee. And he really loved it – mentioning that it was very well balanced, with no sour or acidic aftertaste. It was also smooth, consistent and had a woody tasting undertone.

The café’s interior is of a cosy rustic industrial design. There aren’t many seats so majority stand around the centre table or gather outside the café. With the café being under a HDB block, the surrounding environment is quiet and has a laid-back atmosphere. It is certainly a hidden gem and a great place for small groups to gather for some heartfelt conversations. We’ll definitely be back to visit very very soon.


Nylon Coffee Roasters

4 Everton Park, #01-40, Singapore 080004

Opening hours:

  • Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri: 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • Sat & Sun: 9am – 6pm
  • Closed on Tuesdays



** Psst.. after some coffee, we headed next door for lunch at a cafe called At The Myo – stay tuned to this space for a review coming soon!

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