Current Happenings
MUJI Sensitive Skincare Talk Event & Workshop
Last week, the Infinite team was delighted to attend MUJI’s sensitive skincare workshop held at their flagship store in Plaza Singapura. We’ve never tried MUJI’s skincare line before, so getting the chance to learn about sensitive skin as well as to try out the products for ourselves got us really excited! So in this post, we’re going to share what we learnt about sensitive skin and we’ll also give you…
6 things to note at the new Yishun Park Hawker Centre
If you read our first post reviewing the Hakka Tofu bowl at Yishun Park Hawker Centre, then you’re in for a treat because food is not all that caught our eye at the new Timbre group-owned food centre. In addition to its modern looking exterior, it has some pretty cool high tech facilities – making it one of the few food centres in Singapore that’s able to successfully bridge tradition…
Tips to Womb Care
  Every woman deserves to look and feel good, in and out. While we are usually on the lookout on our external appearance concerns, we frequently omit the hidden part that needs the same attention – womb care. Womb care doesn’t just apply to mummies or women undergoing menopause. From the first menstruation, females should start their womb care routine. Due to our lifestyle habits, the most frequent womb issue…