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Happy 2018 everyone! 🙂


Hope you all had an amazing start to the New Year! We can’t believe 2017 is already over – we had such an eventful year and we’re so proud to see how far Infinite has come! This 2018, we’re hoping to bring you guys more lifestyle workshops and content with regards to food, beauty, wellness and events, and anything under the sun to help YOU become #betterthanyesterday.


We’ve learned that many of you like reading our food reviews and being kept up-to-date about our favourite cafes in Sg. So to begin our first blogpost of 2018, we’ve got a new cafe to recommend. And one that is a hidden gem to us. Located in the humble estate of Upper Thomson, this cafe isn’t the most accessible by public transportation but that didn’t stop the crowd of people already there when we visited.


Salmon & Kale Toast ($17)

A reasonably healthy dish on the cafe’s menu is the salmon & kale toast. Sometimes I refrain from ordering anything with smoked salmon because I never know whether the salmon is fresh and sometimes it can be very salty. But it wasn’t the case for this dish. Also, underneath the bed of kale and spinach lies a thick slice of brioche toast which complements the other ingredients wonderfully. The density of the bread is also just right, neither too dense nor too airy.

One thing to note is that the kale here is raw, so if don’t like raw kale this might not be the dish for you.


Prawn Aglio Olio ($17)

This was a pretty standard pasta dish – the pasta itself was cooked to a well al dante and I loved the type of mushrooms that they used. Though I do think that for $17 the portion was a little small.



Warm Chocolate Lava Cake ($12)

We originally wanted to get sweet potato fries as a side but somehow we forgot to order it so we got dessert instead. Well, if we did order the fries we probably wouldn’t have room for this sumptuous molten lava cake.

To me – what makes a great lava cake is the ratio of cake to the chocolate lava. This one had the perfect amount of molten chocolate to cake so every bite of cake had a nice coat of chocolate. The cake itself was also rich, chocolaty and not too sweet. In fact, most of the sweetness came from the vanilla ice cream. An overall well balanced dish.


Green shot & Dark Mist (both $6.50)

Green shot is a matcha latte with coffee. I’m not sure if it’s just mine or that there is actually more matcha than coffee in this drink compared to photos I saw online. However, the taste of this drink is very unique because the bitterness comes from the coffee instead of the matcha. But I would’ve preferred if it was just a touch sweeter.


Dark mist is a delicious earl grey chocolate drink with an optional shot of espresso. We didn’t get the extra espresso so we could taste the full flavour of the earl grey. It was really strong and actually overpowered the chocolate (although I certainly didn’t mind that at all).

Overall Thoughts

I had to mention that I loved how the cafe has a menu which shows us photos of each dish so we would know exactly how the dish looks like. It honestly made it so difficult to choose cause everything looks so good! On the whole, this is a great cafe with delicious food and has a wide variety of items on the menu.

We will definitely be back to try their other dishes! 🙂


Thus Coffee

4 Jalan Kuras Singapore 577723
Opening Hours:

  • Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00am – 10:00pm
  • Closed on Monday

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