Tips to Womb Care


Every woman deserves to look and feel good, in and out. While we are usually on the lookout on our external appearance concerns, we frequently omit the hidden part that needs the same attention – womb care.

Womb care doesn’t just apply to mummies or women undergoing menopause. From the first menstruation, females should start their womb care routine. Due to our lifestyle habits, the most frequent womb issue is menstruation pain. Early womb care will reduce the chances of infertility and future menopause problems tremendously.

Below 25 / before pregnancy

Tip 1: Drink more ginger tea.

Boil or soak 4/5 ginger slices with brown sugar and consume for 2 to 3 times a week. This is especially effective to those who love cold drinks and stay up late.

Tip 2: Hermus oil massage

Massage hermus oil or ginger juice over womb area to soothe away menustration pain. The massaging warms the womb and eases stomach muscle cramps.

Above 25 / after birth

Tip 1: Consume herbal cooling tea

Matured women are more prone to get infected with urethritis or vaginitis. Herbal cooling tea aids the detoxification of bacteria and greatly reduces the possibility of infection. It is advised for frequent consumption of ginger tea to keep the womb warm.

Tip 2: Womb care spa

Request for an additional 5min on the abdomen area while doing a massage. For better womb health, approach a professional womb masseuse for regular womb massage, which can possibly delay menopause as well. The indulgence a woman should enjoy, starts from womb care therapy. Rather than spending a fortune on recovery, regular womb care spa is the way to prevent infertility and womb-related diseases.

Regardless of age and life stage, women ought to keep the womb healthy at all times to prevent future complications. Do you know that orthodox womb care therapies are useful in improving blood circulation and muscle contraction to keep the womb warm and healthy while providing detoxification and preventing bacterial infection? Start your routine today if you have not done so.

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